Del. No. Deliverable NameWP No.Delivery Date (Month)Document (PDF)
2.3Human detection and tracking – Initial Prototype218 THOMAS D2.3
2.4 THOMAS safety system – Initial Prototype 218
2.5THOMAS H-R safe interaction modules – Final Version 236 THOMAS D2.5
2.6THOMAS safe collaboration systems – Final Version 236 THOMAS D2.6
3.3Environment and process reasoning modules – Initial prototype 318 THOMAS D3.3
3.4Perception enabled navigation and docking for mobile robots: Initial prototype 324 THOMAS D3.4
3.5Perception skills for process execution – Final Version 336 THOMAS D3.5
3.6THOMAS mobile robot navigation and docking modules – Final Version 336 THOMAS D3.6
4.2Improved easy programming framework – Initial Prototype418 THOMAS D4.2
4.3THOMAS Skills implementation – Initial Prototype418 THOMAS D4.3
4.4THOMAS simplified programming framework – Final version436 THOMAS D4.4
4.5THOMAS Generalised and robust skills – Final version436 THOMAS D4.5
5.3THOMAS service oriented network of resources – Initial Prototype518 THOMAS D5.3
5.5THOMAS Station Controller – Final version536 THOMAS D5.5
6.1THOMAS Open Production Station – Final Prototype624 THOMAS D6.1
6.2THOMAS Open Production Station – Intermediate Version636 THOMAS D6.2
6.3THOMAS Open Production Station – Final Version642 THOMAS D6.3
7.5Automotive Demonstrator – Final Demonstrator748 THOMAS D7.5
7.6Aeronautics Demonstrator – Final Demonstrator748 THOMAS D7.6
7.7THOMAS Demonstrators performance assessment748 THOMAS D7.7
8.1THOMAS public web81 THOMAS D8.1